Dagny and Dexter's Doggie Daycare and Spaw

We are a smaller ane more personal facility that can meet each pooch's needs based on personality.

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A Little About Us

We opened our doors to our canine friends 5 years ago we offer dog owners a social and physical outlet for their best friends. Our facility is based on the concept of free roaming supervised play. We have indoor play areas and outside yards based upon size to ensure your pets comfort and safety.  Our staff members are “doggie enthusiasts”  readily available to launch a tennis ball or scratch a bum based upon each individuals needs.

Why Choose Us?

Our passion and focus is doggie daycare. We know a well exercised and socialized pet is happier and better behaved companion. We are a smaller ane more personal facility that can meet each pooch’s needs based on personality. Our goal is for your pet to become like family.



It's like a vacation but closer to home.


Going out of town? We offer overnight stays 365 days a year. You can trust us with your pooch. They'll be on a staycation while you're on your vacation.



Just a little off the top please!


Keep your doggie looking sharp! We do all breed grooming so can be sure your pooch will be looking like a million bucks.



What our customers have to say.


My dogs and I love Dagny and Dexters! Levi loves to lounge in the pool and Riley will play ball for hours on end. At the end of the day my boys are tuckered out from a full day of play and socialization, they eat some kibble and sleep the rest of the night! As they say a tired dog is a happy dog and after a day at doggy daycare my boys are spent.

– Rebecca